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Jam sessions - What’s your fantasy?

May 13, 2016
Moleman, Namora and Kalkeon confess their video game crushes

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Link Dump

Walking Dead Telltale game
Kim Kardashian (fuck that shit)
Black Ops 3
Lego Dimension
Super Smash Bros
Celebrity Deathmatch
Donald Trump
Max Payne New York Minute run
Tomb Raider Ass graphics
Legacy of Kain
Turok 64
Time Crisis
House of the Dead
Silent Hill 3
Flight Simulator
Ace Combat
Visual Novels
Harvest Moon
Mary Kate and Ashley
Barbie Island adventure
Building Blocks
Tiny Toons
Street Fighter
Mortal Kombat
Power Rangers
Ninja Turtles
Ladies from Mortal Kombat
Samus from Metroid
Aya Brea from Parasite Eve
Jill and Claire
Vampy cosplaying Samus
Moleman talking to Samus
Twilight Link
Ramona's crush
Phoenix Wright
Gary smell you later
Naked Dante from Devil May Cry
Virgil from Devil May Cry
Persona 4 Yu Narukami
West from Pokemon Colossuem
Miror B
Pokemon Claire
Pokemon Steven
Pokemon N
Jax and Daxter
Dizzy from Guilty Gear
Morgan from Darkstalkers
Bayonetta cosplay
Soul Calibur Girls
Tifa Lockheart
Naked Raiden
Adam Sessler
Morgan Webb
Nathan Drake
Resident Evil male characters
Shaq Fu
Taylor Swift game
Platinum games
From Software
Intellgent System
Paper Mario
Team Ninja
Naughty Dog
Activision Spiderman Game
Monster Carnage from Spiderman
Simpsons Hit and Run
Dollface from Twisted Metal
Preacher from Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal
Bioshock Collection