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SideQuests: Nisei Week Festival

June 2, 2016
Every year the Otaku Squad Network heads out the Nisei Festival to embrace some of the Japanese culture that is held Little Tokyo located in Los Angeles.



Every year the festival held, many Kazari (decorations) are hung from the pillars Japanese American Museum.  



Walking past these beautiful decorations you can also find a hidden gem of traditional Japanese food.  Food delicacies such as Grilled Squid, Unagi bowls, and Takoyaki.


This shrine is a monument of a representation of what a slice of Japan feels like.  This can be seen on 1st street.


Traditional Japanese Dancing can be seen through out the parade.  Throughout Japan, the culture is exquisite where different parts of the country have unique dances they feature during the parade.


The trolley carriages the previous Nisei queens from previous years.


The festival featured vintage Japanese classic cars that were in pristine condition.


To wrap up the festival, they march with the Tanabata float which is a sight to see.  This is one of the main features of the parade that many come and stay to see.


The Kizari at night looks just as amazing as it does in the day.